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If you need a little extra comfort than you’ve come to the right place at “Pamper Casino.” Even better, is that you can treat yourself to the excellent array of games and promotions right in the palm of your hand, with “Pamper Mobile Casino.”

About Pamper Mobile Casino

All the thrills and attractions of the main website carry over on the mobile version of “Pamper Casino.” Some popular slot titles include “Mr. Vegas,” a 5 reel, video wonder that allows players to live vicariously as a high roller in an upscale Las Vegas Casino, complete with prizes and cash, and adorable women hanging off each arm. Also on the mobile platform is “The Slotfather,” a casino spin off of the legendary Godfather movies, only this game truly does make its players an offer they can’t refuse.

Table games are also available on the mobile platform. Some of these table games on your preferred smart device includes Roulette, American Blackjack, and Pai Gow Poker. There are also video poker titles available on the mobile version.

About The Promotions

If you already have an account at the main casino, then there is no need to create one. Simply login at pickup where you left off. “Pamper Mobile Casino” also allows newcomers to sign up, right in the palm of your hand. And all the promotions on the main site, all apply to the mobile version. So if you are into table games, you can easily take advantage of the blackjack promotion, or if you are playing with a live dealer, then by all means take full advantage of the live dealer promotion. And in the same vein, slot title aficionados can also utilize the 2000% matching bonus for slot titles.

Whether you are playing on a windows smart device, an android or an Iphone or an Ipad, mobile players online at “Pamper Casino” can indulge in all the daily and weekly tournaments as well as partake in the $10,000 monthly jackpot.

And just like on the main website, “Pamper Mobile Casino” offer numerous banking options to get you up and at it to all the games, within in minutes. Both a Visa and MasterCard make deposits available instantly, and the same is true for e banking solutions like Neteller, Skrill and even EntroPay. And for any questions or concerns, the customer support team is standing by through live chat, right in the palm of your hand.

Welcome To The Mobile Lobby

Anything the regular desktop version can do, the mobile lobby can do too, if not better. That’s right, the mobile lobby here at Pamper Flash Casino has all the games and then some you need, right on the mobile platform. Gaining entry to the mobile lobby is easy, just like you would on the regular desktop version. Simply login to your account, and presto, you are brought to the mobile lobby. The account and login system works the same way on the mobile platform so there is no need to create a new account. From the mobile lobby, you will be able to access the excellent customer support team that can be reached through many modes. Also, the top promotions that Pamper Flash Casino is famous for, is also available through the mobile lobby.

The Power Of The App

And of course for even faster access to all the great games and then some, by all means download the app to Pamper Flash Casino. The app cross platforms on all the computers and desktops, and of course all the major smart devices. When you have the app installed, just press play and go, and you’re off to the races.

Should You Download Or Should Go Instant Play

One of the unique features of Pamper Flash Casino, is the option to either play the game of your choice online, or you can download the entire casino. The power of that lies in the gaming engine, Betsoft, a blockbuster, if not elite gaming engine in the online casino world. When the discussion goes on about the top gaming engine in the online casino sphere, Betsoft is considered to be in a class all of its own. Betsoft uses the might and the technology of the flash engine to bring these games forward. Flash makes it possible for you to either stream the games directly on your web browser, or you can elect to download the whole casino inventory and play offline. The choice is completely yours.

If you decide to download the casino, look no further than The Angler. If fishing is up your alley, look no further than this captivating five reel game, where you get to hang out with The Angler himself, a 3D fisherman who is hanging out the reels with you. Downloaded to your computer is the key icon, the oyster which will put you into the free spins round. In the free spins round, the octopus will serve as a clingy wild which will lead to extra wins. The bonus round will absolutely having you go fishing. Either fish with the reel your fish, or scoop out your fish for your extra rewards.

Downloaded to your computer or your laptop, is the shot to find the beat with At The Copa Slots. This salsa loving game puts you in the shoes of Carolina, who has two handsome and suave dancing men, vying for her affections. This game is loaded with both music and many bonus rounds, that you can enjoy offline in the downloaded version. When it comes to the bonus rounds, there are many progressive jackpots, in fact, there are three of them.

The first one is called the suave jackpot which will hit once you go over 302 credits. The second jackpot is known as the mediane jackpot which will hit after 603. And the third jackpot is known as the caliente jackpot which will hit after 908 credits. We told you that when you download At The Copa, you will have a host of bonus rounds available to you. To get into the main bonus round, you must get both of the male dancers beside Carolina on the first three reels. When this happens, you must select one of the suave men to dance it out for your affections where you stand to win. But there is still more when it comes to the bonus rounds for At The Copa. During the free spins, you will choose your partner once more and watch them dance, as you continue to stack up the wins. There is even a feature for the wild on an entire reel for even larger wins.

You can also download and experience right on your personal computer, the likes of Sin City Nights. No need to book a ticket to Las Vegas when you can get your fill on your computer, offline, complete with showgirls and bright neon lights. And after each win, you will have the opportunity to try to double up your wins. And when you score a win, the icons will explode on the reels, making way for additional wins, starting the explosion all over again. There are wins, and then there are group wins. That’s right, downloaded offline on the device of your choice, is the prospect of explosion multipliers where the winning multiplier can go as high as 15 times. The free spins round even offers trailing winning multipliers too.

When it comes to the value of instant play, there are many benefits, in addition to the games. Just a click away is access to many avenues of help to keep you in the game. Instant play allows you to get quickly in touch with the customer support staff with the click of the mouse too. And of course, the entire gaming inventory is available for instant play too. Just find the game that calls to you, press and play.

When it comes to press and play, you can look forward to the likes of Fa Fa Twins, a gorgeous five reel game where the cute and adorable twins hang out and laugh with you on the reels. The official wild will double the wins and it lands on all the reels with the exception of the first reel. After each win, you will have the opportunity to try to double up your wins with the correct choice of a coin flip. With each spin, there is an identical reel that gets spun.

And through the power of instant play, you can easily transform into the ultimate tough guy with Jack Hammer, parts one and two. Both of these installments follows closely in the mold of Micky Spillane's legendary private eye, Mike Hammer. Both of these instant game classics, plays out like a vintage comic book game. Thing most certainly stick when it comes to the stick wins feature. Just like the name implies, as long as you keep winning, things, or should we say, the reels, will most certainly stick in your favor. There are free spins, and then there are free spins. The first installment of Jack Hammer is loaded with free spins. The more free spins icons that you get to land, will determine the number of free spins you will play with. All in all, you can play with 30 free spins where your wins are tripled.

And in the sequel, the toughest private investigator is back better than ever. One more time, the sticky win feature is back. It’s really simple, the more you win, the more you can win for free. There are a lot of free spins to be played here too. All in all, you can play with up to 20 free spins.

The power of instant play, also carries over to Lucky Angler a game that has both snow and sticky wins. In an instant, you can add your name to the legendary billboard of big winners with the sticky wild fish, which lands on the second, third and fourth reels. There are a lot of tremendous free spins to be played here as well. The more scatters you get to land, the greater the number of free spins you will play with. All in all, you will get to play with up to 20 free spins, with the chance to earn additional free spins.

Getting Signed Up…

Is a lot easier than you think. There is no mystery to this at Pamper Flash Casino. Provided that you are of legal age to gamble here, all you need is an internet connection to get to Pamper Flash Casino. The registration will only take a few minutes to fill out and get submitted.

Game On Your Android Device

Pamper Flash Casino knows only one thing, pampering its members on their very own Android devices and tablets. The full power of this one of a kind online casino is right in the palm of your hand, with the full compliment of the games, banking options and the promotions. There is no need to create a new account, simply login with the previous desktop account and you’re off to the races.

Anything you can play on your desktop, you can play right on your Android, including the neat table games like classic blackjack and it’s many versions. There are many great, poker games too, including an entire section just for video poker as well. You can still play baccarat and roulette on your Android device too.

Your Android devices and phones are more than up to the task when it comes to playing your favorite three reel slot games. When it comes to the three reels,, take the ultimate dash on your Android device with Dash For Cash Slots, an animated one reel wonder where the game play takes place in the middle of the forest. The animals in the woods are front and center, and there is also a neat bonus round for you to play on.

If you are into the vintage, Vegas style slot games, then Triple Crown is a must on your Android device. This is a three coin game, so the amount you wager will help to determine how much you will get back. The maximum amount to win in this simple, Arabian themed game, is 5,000 credits for getting three of the main logos to land off a three coin wager. There is also an interactive bonus round.

Relive the trials and tribulations of pre historic times when it comes to Back In Time, a dynamic three reel slot game where you get to hang out with pre historic creatures en route to victory on your Android device. This is a five coin game, so the amount you wager will help influence the amount you will get back. And right on your preferred Android device, perhaps even a Samsung Galaxy phone, is the opportunity to make diamonds your best friend with the three reel caper, Diamond Dreams. Diamond Dreams is a neat three reel game that serves as a reminder to the glory days of slot games. This as well is a five coin game, so once more, the more you wager, will help to determine the amount you will receive in the game play. It is a simple playing game play without any bonus rounds nor free spins.

Your Android device is more than up to the task when it comes to pirate themed games like Captain Cash, an animated, three reel game where you discover loot and plunder. This too, is a five coin game, so wager well and win big in the process. Outside of the captain being wild, there are no additional bonuses and scatter icons.

Discover the deep under the sea, with Mermaid’s Pearl, yet another captivating and interesting three reel game where the mermaid graces your screen on your Android phone or tablet. The clam is totally wild and will more than add to your winning combinations. You can bet on a single coin, all the way up to five coins per spin.

The joke is in when it comes to Vegas Joker, a crafty and visual wonder where the joker is prepared to make winning jokes that adds up to money in your pockets. This three reel game is full of winning jokers, and classic casino icons that adds up in your favor. Apple Devices Can Do The Job

Anything the Android phone can do, the Iphone can do just as well, just like the Ipad. All of the powerful three reel games and the table games on the Android phone, is right there waiting for you on the Iphone. It is also important to note that the 3D slot games are available on the Iphone too. So what can you look forward to on your Iphone, how about the likes of Good Girl, Bad Girl, a character driven, 3D slot game where the eternal feud between good and evil, wagers on once more. Right before the game, you will choose your champion, either the angel, or the devil. Each one comes with its own sets of perks and benefits. Going the extra mile, you can either choose both, to split both the rewards and the risks.

The bonus rounds comes with the pick me variant for both the angel and the she devil. There is also a special click me feature for both characters. After every win, you will have the choice of trying to double up your wins, but this will require you to risk at least half of your winnings. There is also a money wheel bonus round where you can win extra prizes, including the progressive jackpot.

There are plenty more 3D games just waiting on your Apple phones, including After Night Falls, an interactive 3D slot game where you get to explore the underpinnings of Paris. The heat and the chase is on in the palm of your hand with a determined Paris detective that is hot on the heels on an escaped burglar. Enjoy the night scenes of Paris, including great shots of the Eiffel tower. There is a multi tiered system to the free spins. The more scatters you land, the greater the number of the free spins you will play with. You can also earn free credits with the winning multiplier. Additional bonus rounds include moving wilds where as long as it moves on the reels, it will create additional free spins. Outside of that, you have the five rooms bonus round where you pick up to five rooms for the burglar to break into to steal clues. There is also the detective’s bonus round where you inspect Grandma’s house to find the missing clues. Other features for Iphone players, is the ability to try to double up your winnings after every win, plus the notion of collapsing wilds that comes stacked.

Do you Iphone players still need more of Paris? No worries, you are more than welcome to spend A Night In Paris, yet another crime caper centered in Paris. This time, the determined police officer and his dog are in hot pursuit of an art thief. Ipad fans will more than likely enjoy the chaser free spins round where just like the name suggests, you get to chase the art thief around with the pit bull as you play out your free spins. The additional bonus round has the art thief himself trying to secretly not get caught in the museum as he robs precious painting and artifacts and more.

Courage and grit are needed if you are to survive the wild wild west when it comes to True Sheriff. This interactive, 3D slot game puts you in the desperate shoes of the sheriff determined to maintain law and order in his town. This western themed game has it all. Tough outlaws and cowgirls. The guns and the wilds most certainly matter in this regard. If you land them together in the center reel, then you will begin on your Apple device, the wild guns feature. In this case, the sheriff will shoot towards the reels, hitting up to five symbols on the reels. Those symbols in turn will turn wild. And what would a western be with out a shootout bonus round. The winner is made clear by the correct call of a coin flip. After each win, you will have the opportunity to try to double up your wins by risking at least half of your winnings. And of course, you won’t want to miss the dynamic free spins round where you can play up to 15 free spins with some exciting winning multipliers.

So What Are Some Of The Best Slots On The Mobile Device?

By now, you can easily make the case that all of them are. But just when you think you’ve got things figured out here at Pamper Flash Casino, they continue to keep bringing you new things to sink your teeth into. By all means, get into the Christmas Spirit anytime you feel the need with A Christmas Carol, your personal five reel game that takes you into the tormented world of Mr. Scrooge. Only this time, the ghosts will work in your favor. It’s up to you on your preferred mobile platform to decide Mr. Scrooge’s fate with one of the great bonus rounds. The ghost of Christmas Past is responsible for putting you into the past spins round. The more of him that you get to land will determine the number that you will play with. Three of him will reward you with 3 spins. Four will produce 6 and five will present you with 12 of them.

The ghost of Christmas Future will put you into this troubled free spins round. The amount that you land will determine whether or not you will play with 3, 6 or 12 of them. The ghost of Christmas Present is responsible for launching you into the free spins round where all the ghost icons on the reels will turn wild. And if you’ve won something on your mobile device, you will have the chance to try to double up your wins through the double up feature.

If you’ve ever wanted to do it up big, Vegas style, now is your chance with Mr. Vegas. This five reel spectacle is all about life in the fast lane as a major high roller. This interactive game has it all. Beautiful showgirls and many bonus rounds. Heck, there are even beautiful women hanging off your arms win you experience the thrill of victory.

Right on your preferred mobile platform is the opportunity to play in the money wheel bonus round, where a beautiful showgirl is standing by to help you spin the wheel. There are a lot prizes that you can win, including the opportunity to win the big progressive jackpot. The dice and Mr. Vegas, is your ticket to playing in the free spins round where your wins are doubled. Plus you have the opportunity to earn more free spins. Can’t get enough of Mr. Vegas? That’s okay, you can play him in the special roulette wheel bonus round.

For mobile lovers that want to continue to stay in Vegas, now’s your chance with, Weekend In Vegas, that is based a lot on the hit film. Once more, you get to live the craziest moments and time in your life in Sin City itself. The main three characters are wild symbols, plus they serve as stacked wilds. The chase is on when it comes to the free spins on your mobile phone. The more scatters you land, the greater the number of free spins you will play with as the police pursue you. You can play with up to 20 free spins with your wins being doubled. There is also a money wheel that you can spin for extra wins. There are additional bonus rounds on your mobile phone. Each one of the main characters brings something to the table. Each character brings something different as they choose their experience on the Las Vegas Strip. And of course, after any spin, you will have the opportunity to try to double up your wins through the mini risk game.

Whether you are on an Android or an Apple smart device, the heat and the pressure is on when it comes to the Heist. The Heist is a cinematic style, five reel slot game where the pressure is on for the master bank robber to pull of the biggest heist of his life while staying one step ahead of the determined law enforcement.

To help immerse you in this experience, The Heist has a captivating soundtrack just for you mobile users. There are many bonus rounds for your mobile pleasure. The first bonus round is known as the glass clutter feature where you have to select one of the glass clutters on the screen to reveal one of three bonus rounds. The first one is known as the free spins round, bonus credit wins or an instant ticket to the second bonus round.

The next bonus round consists of the wild reel. In this mode, this entire reel is covered entirely with c4 which will lead to double your wins. There is also the scatter drill section where the more scatter drills that land, the greater the win will be. Three will payout 150 credits, four will shell out 300 credits, five will reward you with 750 credits. And the best is saved for last when it comes to bank vault. To get in here, right in the palm of your hand, you will need to land at least three of the bank vault icons. The ultimate test is on, as you take the persona of Neil himself, the bank robber. You must break into the vault in time to avoid being caught. Get in and get out with the loot.

Mobile users are in store for the same exciting new slot games that comes to Pamper Flash Casino on a frequent basis. Check back frequently to see what new games have been added.

The Power Of New Slot Games

There is always something new and exciting going here at Pamper Flash Casino. They are in the frequent habit of adding new games to the roster to keep you coming back for more. One of the new games includes, Rise Of The Dragon, a new five reel game with 15 pay lines. The game play centers around a young, female warrior that is trying to rescue her father who is being watched over by dragons. There are great cinematic like cut scenes to go along with the free spins and the wilds.

The new slot games extends to the wonder of bank robbery with Take The Bank Slots, a dynamite five reel game where the loot and plunder of the banks is at full display. You assume the role of a master bank robber who is out there for one thing, and one thing only, to take the actual bank. There is even a charming soundtrack to help put you in the mood to accomplish your goals. Take The Bank has a lot to offer, starting with the unique game play where you play group spins. What this means is, that after every tenth spin, the robber symbols will turn wild and explode. And when it comes to the free spins, you will be granted 15 free spins. And after every successful win, you can choose to double up your wins.

Set sail with the fierce Viking’s with Viking Voyage, a new, 3D slot added to the roster here at Pamper Flash Casino. This new, five reel gem comes with 243 pay lines. The game play has you setting sail across the ocean in search of loot and plunder. And of course, the viking warrior is the official wild symbol in the game. The Viking king is also the stacked wild symbol. The Viking boat is the key to putting you into the bonus round with lots of nice and interesting free spins.

There isn’t a bad moon on the right as sung by the legendary music group, Creedence Clearwater Revival. When it comes to Wolf Moon Rising, this new addition is full of mysticism and wonder. The main character is the wolf. The feathers is your key to playing in the free spins round with 12 free spins with your wins being doubled. The howling moon is another key symbol which pays out nicely as well.